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The pace of society is changing. It is difficult to keep up with a hectic work schedule and still have time to take adequate care of yourself and your family – both financially and physically.Happy Couple

You work hard for the money you earn and cherish the few hours of leisure time you have left. Naturally, you want to get the most out of both of them.

Benefit from the ideas, tips and advice that will help you prosper and make better choices in each issue of NZ Health and Wealth Report.

Information and advice like this, all in coming issues:

Success with your money• Where should you be putting your money? Get the most value for your dollars without being pressured by financial brokers or agents.

• Improve your lifestyle! Make decisions to improve your health and reduce stress.

• Learn how to avoid debt and minimise taxes.

• Use the right exercises and nutrition to live longer.

• Know your legal rights. We offer information that could cost hundreds of dollars if you went to a lawyer.

• Learn how to motivate and improve yourself.

• Marriage and divorce, losing your job, – how to get the answers you need by asking the right questions.

Look Fit • Feel Fit • Live Fit

Each issue covers numerous facets of the following:

• Investment & Saving • Health & Fitness • Insurance • Shares • Mutual Funds • Home Improvements • New Products & Services • Taxation • Property • Travel • Consumer Matters • Personal Development & Motivation • Recreation • Sex • Recommended Videos, Movies & Reading • Personal Relationships • Food & Diet •

You can invest smarter… look younger… sleep better… stay healthier… eat wiser… exercise more easily… save more money… retire happier… start a new career… avoid scams… help others… communicate better… live longer… enjoy life more fully… and much, much more.

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What does your health have to do with
the rest of your life? Everything!

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“There is an invisible garment woven around us from our earliest years; it is made of the way we eat, the way we walk, the way we greet people, woven of tastes and colours and perfumes which our senses spin in childhood.”
…Jean Giraudoux

The best is still ahead

Live the Life You WantIf you’re like me, you’re looking forward to the rest of your life – because we know the best is yet ahead.

Some researchers have labelled the new middle age as being from ages 45-65.

As the baby-boom generation move into the next era (someone turns 50 every 7 seconds) there will be even more of a demand and more competition for the good life. And for many of us, this next season of our lives will be our best ever – and it could be for you too, if you are prepared!

NZ Health & Wealth Report paves the way with advice to improve your financial and physical health. Your horizons will be broadened with choices and ideas leading to an improved lifestyle.

A 40-year track record for accuracy and detail

NZ Health & Wealth Report is written and edited by The Main Report and Trans Tasman editorial staff headed by Max Bowden (Editor in Chief), Ian Templeton, Rob Hosking, Steph Simpson and Tony Doe (Senior Editor).

NZ Health & Wealth Report is an 8-page NewsWeekly that is written and edited in a clear, concise style and focuses specifically on the situations confronting you every day. Advertising is not accepted. Our duty is solely to you, the client.

For bedside or briefcase, this little gem has been specifically prepared for you to dip into and reflect upon at your leisure.
It will provide you with ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation to help you face life and the tasks ahead with vigour .

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